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As restrictions have lightened what has changed at Seneca Label?
Nothing! Same great customer service mind set! Everything! A deeper appreciation of our customers and employees.
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Custom Label FAQs

Contact our Customer Service Department with any questions not answered here.

Q: I need to get a label printed. Can you help me?

A: Yes. In order to produce a label for you, we need to know a little more about it. What is the label’s size and shape? How many colors are on it? What is the label being applied to and how is it being applied? How many labels do you need? Get started by requesting a quote.

Q: I don’t understand why you need so much information when all I want is a sticker that doesn’t come off.

A: There are a lot of aspects that all need to work together in order to print a beautiful label and make it adhere in the way the end-user desires. Coating, ink, facestock, adhesive, and liner all need to be just right in order to make sure that the label looks right and sticks right.

Q: I’m located outside of Ohio. Will there be a problem with shipping?

A: Seneca Label ships through multiple carriers and courier services. Whether you request a specific truck line, need next day delivery, or are located out of state or country, we have the experience necessary to make sure your product gets to you.

Q: I’d like to buy some of your stock labels. Would you please send me a list of your inventoried items?

A: While we don’t ‘stock’ labels on our shelves (all of our items are Made To Order), our efficient processes and capabilities allow us to provide you with labels that are often quite competitive with other label companies who do maintain an inventory of ‘stock’ labels.

Q: I created this design on my personal computer and want to use it as artwork for my label; will it work?

A: We recommend that you send a digital copy of your desired design to us prior to requesting a quote. We have an in-house graphic and pre-press department that will determine whether the artwork supplied is usable and press ready.

If you need help with your artwork, we can do that, too. You can use the “Upload A File” to send us your art. If you are questioning whether or not the artwork you have is usable, our guidelines can help. You can also view Artwork 101.

Q: On items Seneca has already printed, do I pay for setup when I order again?

A: No. Once we etch the plates for your labels, buy a die, or work on your artwork, there will be no additional charges unless you would like to make a change to something.

Q: How long will it take before my labels are done printing?

A: Since we have multiple presses printing different labels every day, it is always best to call us at 800.251.0514 and check what our current lead times are.

Q: Are there any set up charges and how do they work?

A: Once we etch the plates for your labels, buy a die, or work on your artwork, there will be no additional or recurring charges unless you would like to make a change to your label.

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