Custom Foil Labels

Perfect for high-end products, custom foil labels can be a great way to make your brand and messaging stand out.

Our gold and silver foil labels are available in a variety of finishes. Choose dull or matte foil labels for a look of subtle sophistication or bright foil labels to grab your customers’ attention. Another option is brushed foil labels, which add texture and visual interest to your design.

Seneca has the ability to print your entire label on foil or to highlight a localized area. Foil labels also can be tinted to achieve a wide range of colors and die-cut into custom shapes. For an added layer of protection, a surface coating is often applied.

As with any pressure sensitive label, you have many options to choose from. Whether it’s unique performance properties or the type of adhesive, Seneca can help you create the perfect custom foil label for your product or promotional item.

Ready to get started? Simply tell us your label quantity, size and any information about how it will be used. Request a quote today!

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