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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels are self-adhesive labels that can be applied without the use of water, solvents or heat.

Because only light pressure is required to bond the adhesive to the surface, pressure sensitive labels are easily attached by hand, or automatic labeling machine. They can be made from paper, film or foil materials and are one of the most common label types.

Pressure sensitive labels adhere to many substrates including metal, cardboard, plastic and glass. This makes them a popular choice for applications ranging from laboratory settings to food and product packaging.

Depending on the choice of adhesive and the surface to which it will be applied, these labels can either be permanent or removable. Seneca Label can determine whether a rubber-based or acrylic-based adhesive is needed to meet your performance requirements.

Creating Your Custom Label

Pressure sensitive labels can consist of up to five different layers, so it’s important to make sure each is optimized for your specific conditions. This includes the method of application as well as the potential exposure to extreme temperatures, chemicals or moisture.

Whether you need vibrant colors or durable materials, you can rely on our decades of experience creating labels for a variety of customer needs. Request a quote today to get started.

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