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Four-Color Process Labels

Our four-color printing capabilities allow you to create vibrant and attractive labels to effectively market your product or showcase your brand.

Also known as CMYK or full-color printing, the four-color process is a cost-effective method to produce a wide spectrum of colors. This makes it a go-to method for many commercial label printing applications.

The four-color process involves mixing cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink and can produce images of photographic quality. Each color is digitally identified and applied using an individual plate on our flexographic press.

To ensure your artwork will be produced to the highest quality standards, we have an in-house pre-press department featuring the latest technology and expertise in flexography, design and layout.

If your project requires a very specific color that cannot be achieved through the CYMK process, Seneca also offers spot color printing. In this case, an additional premixed color is applied using a separate printing plate.

Our larger presses have up to 8 total color stations, so we’re able to couple your four-color process imagery with your brand spot Pantone colors. We also offer expanded gamut printing, which adds green, orange and violet to the CMYK process.

We understand that high-quality labels help maintain the integrity of your brand. With our expertise in flexographic label printing, you can count on us to deliver the results you’re looking for. Request a quote today for your next project.

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