When labels run out, quick turnaround saves the day

Lost time is expensive

As you’re spending considerable time and energy in the race to bring your product to market, overlooking label needs can be a common, but costly, mistake. 

From perishable foods to reagents that help fight infectious disease, many of our customers’ products simply can’t be held back due to forgetting to order/replenish labels/label supply. So when unexpected situations arise, Seneca offers the scale, experience, and flexibility to help them respond quickly.

After a customer in the chemical industry ramped up production to meet increasing demand, they discovered their inventory of product labels was depleted. Although each label only cost a few pennies, this threatened to put the sale of a valuable medical supply on hold.  

Seneca helps to quickly get products to market

When they contacted us seeking a solution, we knew they needed an immediate reply. Our team worked overtime to meet the urgent need, allowing the company’s procurement department to secure the labels and avoid production delays.

Whether it’s quoting a new job or addressing an unforeseen issue, our customers continually tell us they value the speed at which we deliver solutions. Rely on Seneca’s highly-experienced staff to ask the right questions, anticipate problems, and ensure you have the answers you need when you need them.

empty glass jars on conveyor belt

“Thank you so much for the fantastic news and all of your help and assistance, it’s greatly appreciated. Once again Seneca saved the day and we can’t thank you and the entire team enough, you guys rock.”


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