Label printing for Co-packer requires speed and flexibility

Flexibility without compromise to quality

Meeting the needs of the companies we work with often means understanding the expectations of their customers.

When a co-packer in the chemical industry required flexibility and quick turnarounds to serve their clientele, we helped them rise to the challenge.  

Developing labels for chemical products already presents a unique set of considerations — from the type of plastic used in a container to the fill temperature of its contents. We also review factors such as packaging machine specifications, regulatory issues, and chemical resistance requirements.  

Because Seneca’s internal experts know the right questions to ask, we can arrive at a solution faster than less experienced competitors.

In this case, our customer was a private labeler and co-packer of cleaning products. They frequently faced uncertain timelines because their own clients had to work through label design approval processes. 

However, once the “go ahead” was given, a fast response time was expected.  

Adding to the time constraints, we knew that the co-packer had to shut down and sanitize equipment between runs of different chemical products. By understanding our customers’ production schedule, we helped them avoid unnecessary downtime. 

unwinding spool of labels

“Thank you for being flexible, accommodating, and quick.”

close up on manufacturing label

Helping our customers succeed

As is often the case, helping our customers succeed is about much more than printing a label. 

After recognizing their unique operational demands, we consistently delivered the speed and agility this co-packer needed to support their clients. 

They were appreciative of our ability to find the right balance between label cost, timing, and design, telling us: “Thank you for being flexible, accommodating, and quick.”

Whether it’s your production environment or industry-specific issues, discover how we can customize solutions that meet your unique needs.


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