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Problem Solved: Label ‘failure’ protects company during frozen-food shipment

Frozen Food Label Background

When a leading food brand sent a container of frozen product overseas, the benefits of working with an experienced label manufacturer became clear.

The shipment arrived as expected with one notable exception. The product labels had shifted during transit, ruining their appearance and threatening to make the items unsellable.

The call came to Seneca, and we began an investigation immediately.

Months earlier, we had met with this customer to solve their unique challenge: a cost-effective label that could be applied automatically to a frost-covered product.

Our longstanding experience with frozen food labels allowed us to ask the right questions as we explored solutions – from the choice of the liner to surface coating options. 

Selecting the correct adhesive and face stock layers would be critical to this customer’s success as both can be affected by temperature and moisture levels. We also considered the potential benefits of other services we offer the food industry, including blow on label application and inline variable information printing.  

“Selecting the correct adhesive and face stock layers would be critical to this customer’s success as both can be affected by temperature and moisture levels.”

Seneca’s Solution

Our technical experts conducted a thorough review, which included an onsite visit to fully understand the production environment and assembly processes. 

Throughout the decision-making process, the customer relied on our decades of internal knowledge to bring their eye-catching design to life while meeting their performance requirements.

After an onsite visit and review by our technical experts, we recommended a material/adhesive solution that worked perfectly. So when we were alerted that something went wrong with the shipment, we knew there had to be more to the story.

Label Performance Results

A deep-dive analysis involving our internal specialists and material supply partners revealed that the adhesive was performing as would be expected if the surface frost became liquified. That led to the discovery that the shipping container had temporarily lost refrigeration.

In the end, all evidence pointed to the product thawing and refreezing before arrival. The only visible indication was the misplaced label, which had functioned properly.

Because we recommended the right label materials from the start and then quickly applied our problem-solving expertise, our customer prevented an unsafe product from reaching store shelves.

This not only protected consumers but preserved the company’s hard-earned reputation for high-quality frozen foods.

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