Prop 65

OEHHA Prop 65 Warning Basics

Older Prop 65 warnings simply state that a chemical is present that causes cancer or reproductive harm, but they do not identify the chemical or provide specific information about how a person may be exposed or ways to reduce or eliminate exposure.

  • The new warnings will also need to include three elements:
  • The name of at least one listed chemical that prompted the warning
  • Link to the state’s Prop 65 internet site
  • A triangular yellow and black warning symbol (can be white and black only if the label for the product does not use the color yellow)

The new warning regulation also:

  • Adds new “tailored” warnings that provide more specific information for certain kinds of exposures, products, and places
  • Provides for website warnings for products purchased over the Internet
  • Provides for warnings in languages other than English in some cases
  • Clarifies the roles and responsibilities of manufacturers and retailers in providing warnings

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