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Did you think that label printing is simply running a label through a printer without much additional consideration? While the customer service at Seneca Label makes it that easy, the technical ability to produce a quality label for your needs requires the expertise that comes from our 45+ years in the custom label printing business.



A custom label can be made up of five different layers.

The Liner layer, which is usually discarded, serves to keep your label in pristine shape until it is ready to be applied. The type and thickness of liner is critical to a label’s ability to be mechanically and automatically applied.

The Adhesive layer is where your custom label meets the product surface. Careful attention is given to the application’s surface type, surface temperature, environment, and end use conditions for the label.

The Face Stock is the third layer. We match the face stock according to your label application. Different temperatures and moisture levels will require different types of face stock. This is the layer, which receives and displays the printed image.

The area of most concern in any graphic related industry is the printed image. This is the ink that is applied to the label. Our quality presses print the optimum image, which gives your label a professional look and reflects your brand. Spot colors, PMS colors, 4-color process, and 7-color printing, all get done by Seneca on a daily basis.

The top layer, which is not always required, consists of a coating or overlaminate, applied in the final step of the label printing process. This is the layer that can be used to protect print, make a label more durable, and add a finishing touch to your label.

The teammates at Seneca Label are experts in recommending the correct custom label materials at each decision point. Call Seneca Label and let us provide a solution that matches your exact label need.



OEHHA Prop 65 Warning BASICS:

Currently, most Prop 65 warnings simply state that a chemical is present that causes cancer or reproductive harm, but they do not identify the chemical or provide specific information about how a person may be exposed or ways to reduce or eliminate exposure.

The new warnings will also need to include three elements:

  • The name of at least one listed chemical that prompted the warning.
  • Link to the state’s Prop 65 internet site
  • A triangular yellow and black warning symbol (can be white and black only if the label for the product does not use the color yellow).

The new warning regulation also:

  • Adds new “tailored” warnings that provide more specific information for certain kinds of exposures, products, and places.
  • Provides for website warnings for products purchased over the Internet.
  • Provides for warnings in languages other than English in some cases.
  • Clarifies the roles and responsibilities of manufacturers and retailers in providing warnings.

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