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Customer Printed Laser Label Sheets

Hoping to create a clear and easy retail experience for your customers?

Turn to Seneca Label for your custom sheeted label needs.

Nothing is more frustrating for a retail shopper than not being able to identify a product’s name, sale price, or special offer. As a supermarket or retail store, you want to make finding a label and purchasing an item as easy as possible.

  • You want to be able to print shelf marking labels on-demand at your store. To that end, Seneca can print part of the label – a logo or insignia, for example – and allow you to print the variable info in-house.
  • When you don’t have time for technological hassles, we print custom laser labels on sheets of non-curling material that won’t get stuck in your laser printers.
  • Each store is a little different, so we offer multiple sheet configurations for varied product and shelf identification needs.
  • ​And rather than spending time fighting to take old labels off of shelves, you can enjoy the ease of removable laser shelf marker labels that peel easily because of our attention to proper adhesives.

8.5″ x 11″ Sheets partially or fully pre-printed, with die-cuts on the label’s face.

Seneca is happy to help develop a company-wide standard for your custom sheeted labels and then work with multiple stores, or headquarters to implement a comprehensive solution.

Want to see firsthand? Try some free custom printed laser labels on us!

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