COVID-19 Response
As restrictions have lightened what has changed at Seneca Label?
Nothing! Same great customer service mind set! Everything! A deeper appreciation of our customers and employees.
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Bottle Labels


We’ve got some custom printed bottle labels for you.

When you’re trying to get your product to a client or to market, you need a solid co-packing relationship with a trusted label printer who won’t let you down.

  • You want to be productive. We perform large quantity runs of labels that are used on auto-application high speed labeling equipment.
  • You want cost efficiency. We offer combination pricing when multiple SKUs are printed at the same time.
  • You’re looking for someone who can advise. Seneca has vast knowledge of the food and drug industry, including hazardous labeling.
  • We can determine the best adhesive and material when working on cryo-freezing / pharma applications.
  • You need it fast. We offer quick delivery to avoid your lines going down.
  • And when you need to finish the job on-site, Seneca can print the majority of the label and then hand them off to you for the addition of lot and batch codes.

sterile bottles on conveyor belt

hand holding medicine bottle with label

For nearly fifty years, moving companies have been depending on Seneca Label to provide quality commercial moving labels. As a Cleveland-based family business, we always deliver on our promises to customers.

With established co-packing relationships in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, Seneca understands the importance of printing high-quality product labels cost-effectively and on time.

Want to see for yourself? Try some free bottle labels on us!

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